Racing Game

So I am slowly creating a racing game, it uses JMonkeyEngine3 (only because I only knew java when I started). You can find the link to the game at . Im trying for semi-arcade (so i can handwave not doing hard things), but this still required some kind of engine stuff:

About my Racing Game value helpers Turns out i did have something to talk about. Many car games have these fancy graphs that show the gears and torque curves and things - mine doesn’t. So i made one in excel, now i haven’t coded this blog to show files (or even images for that matter). It shows how bad i was making up torque curves without graphical guidance.

Another thing I did was also create a ‘pacejka like’ magic traction formula graph in geogebra. You may not have heard of geogebra, well its a free graphing program. And the formula looks like this:

Fz * D * sin(C * atan(B * x - E * (B * x - atan(B * x))))

Where Fz is the normal force and BCDE are magic constants (currently set to B=10,C=1.8,D=1,E=0.97) that define the curve.

(See I can write words when I want to)