Rally Game was Dreaming

It has come to my attention that the rally game I was making (downloadable from murph9.com) was too large for me to complete in its current form.

The description of the game on github is (since the project started): “Simple 3d rally game, because 3d is a good place to start.” (i was intending for some kind of ironic reference but its not as specifically “don’t start big” as i remembered.)

Current things the game has:

None of these are ‘games’ or really even tech demos. The problem is that some had no goal (just get something working) or had a goal (but too large of a goal).

I have decided to do a quick and dirty hack of a circuit mode with a single track. This should at least make it, what some might call, ‘a game’. (or at least better than a certain truck game Big Rigs Over the road racing

So, it actually does things, but the ai sucks, gets stuck in everything, can’t brake at all. I have an idea to generate splines from the checkpoints but is that thinking too big again?