Ridge Racer 64

So I finally found another gaming challenge I wanted to complete which is getting to the 6th stage in Ridge Racer 64 with only the starting 4 cars.

As of now I have completed it, but notice some unusual things about the AI that i didn’t expect. As im not one for writing here they are in a list:

1. They seem to actually block each other, as in they ‘can’ get in each others way. Although not always. But at the same time don’t seem to try and move around others all that much either.

2. They have dedicated slow and fast bits of the track, this is mostly noted at the start the 2nd 6th stage course infront of the waterfall.

3. All of the AI have rubber banding, but its bounded. I did attempt the 7th stage, but my topspeed was not enough. As once i overtook one it would immediately overtake again (within 6 seconds), every single time.

4. Its obvious just playing the game normally that 11th starting AI driver is your ‘rival’, and is the most aggressive speed wise. But its not obvious that another also can have this title which i only noticed while playing the 1st 6th stage race. It seems that it can take over as the rival for some reason, in that race its the light blue car you see overtake me after the finish line.

Just wanted to note this down, for no other reason than I actually expected less from a N64 AI.

I had completed the first 4 stages without hastle, no point in recording those. 5th stage caused me to give up for a week before getting it rather quickly. 3rd 6th stage race is easy due to the ‘correct’ locking on drifting. 2nd 6th stage race just required a perfect last 4 corners and a mostly okay entire race, its also long.

The 1st 6th stage race is too short and contains the long 2 lane section. I spent at least 3 hours on this race, and recording completing it for the challenge. Saw the line and 1st at least 2 times, decided the third time to take a save state halfway through the last lap, and good thing too because I choked that run. Reloaded that save state, won. And before anyone says, i half feel like i cheated it. Sure i could spend another 1 or 2 getting one good run, lifes too short for perfect.

Video exists on my youtube channel here: https://youtu.be/Nmv5HJGebMk

The recording was done in OBS, and im bad at it so was recording HD when i only needed the left middle. But other than that it when fine.

Downloaded an open source video editor: OpenShot, spent some time trying to find where the actual run started and ended.

Went to crop the video, couldn’t find the button/feature/command. After some searching I happened to find in their github issues that the feature (even though its listed on features page) was now missing. https://github.com/OpenShot/openshot-qt/issues/575


(what you expected a good ending?)