RallyGame Outlined wireframe styles 3

.. this follows on once again from the wireframe aesthetic from April and May: update 2

Just a few problems to get the wireframes working:

A simple problem: The wireframe method of creating edges causes very sharp colours and edges.

And the solution was to add glowing and bloom to whole scene, which glows the bright sections of the wireframe. It also slightly hides the unusual difference between vertical and horizontal lines.

Another problem: Without actual shading, it is very hard to see depth. Add the Fog filter, done. Simple.

Although this only helped slightly, so another solution was to spawn small particles in and around the vehicle using the particle emitter. The particles were given zero gravity and 15 second average decay. Looks a little bit like snow but eh.

The last problem to cover is that the code has to explicitly set the colour of the base model and the highlighted wireframe. This was rigid and didn’t allow a model with many materials from having different colours. So I attempted to set the colour on the geometry (using .blend files against jme3’ recommendation), but the blend importer splits the single gemoetry by material. So the solution was to just add “[#DDEE55]” to the material name and parse that on wireframe generation. To assist in this, i set the base colour of the model to just a much darker version of the base colour.

The whole solution looks like this: Wireframe look


Update: 2019 August, see the follow up blog post but using a shader: update 4