RallyGame Outlined wireframe styles 4

.. this continues the wireframe aesthetic from April, May and June: update 3

I had a break from this (read: a holiday), I was thinking that the overlapping of these wireframes are causing issues.

Let me explain: when one surface changes material the 2 different generated coloured lines overlap causing only one to be rendered: Wireframe look

This is basically breaking the style im going for as the colour boundry is what is giving the scene the colour, rather than the base colour. I was thinking that the original cartoon filter was setting the lines using a colour given as an argument.

Here is a link to my reference blog which outlines like 95% of how it works: PostProcessing Outlines

Its written for Unity but was already adapted by someone else for the JME3 shader. See CartoonEdgeFilter.java

JME3 basically lets the shader read in the screen as 3 images, so for every pixel we have its colour, its ‘screen space depth’ and its surface normal.

The inbuilt filter in JME3 uses the depth and normal and has the line colour as an argument - allowing it to outline everything in the scene. But if we use the colour of the pixel we can mask the flat colours of the scene and therefore get an outline which is based on the colour of the object.

So coming back to my


what if the shader just uses the colour in the scene already? (thus allowing the colour to change for each object) ding ding ding

So what needs to change? Currently my model design has no shading and all output colours are flat (ignoring fog and bloom), meaning the shader already has access to the correct pixel colour and needs nothing new. All the new shader needs to do is brighten the ‘cartoon edges’ and darken everything else (the inverse of the current cartoon shader).

See the difference it looks over the manual - although mechanically good - wireframe method. This right here is peak lazy AESTHETIC. Wireframe look but better


Shader comparison: From no shaders: Wireframe look but better With the new edges: Wireframe look but better